Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Fun & Exciting

Have you met Curiosity?  Let me introduce you.
Curiosity is the Mars rover than landed on the surface of Mars around midnight last night.  It's official, she is a girl and will be referred to in the feminine.  I didn't get to bed until the wee hours of the morning because her landing was so exciting.  It was a nail biting performance all the way.
I am not a fan of Mars and have never understood the world's passion to put humans on Mars.  I am, however, a total fan of the science we receive from space exploration.  I'm also a fan of the amazing technology and engineering that goes into making these space exploration missions a success.
I'm also a fan of the social media that's available for us to keep up with these missions on a moment to moment basis. In the early days of space exploration we didn't have that and it makes a big of difference.  I feel like I know Curiosity on a personal basis.  Isn't she cute? Go NASA go!
Daughter Susan in 1000 troduced me to Fage 0% Yogurt.  I'm not real crazy about yogurt but I like this one.  I'm eating it for breakfast now.

I'm off now to watch an afternoon news conference on my new friend Curiosity.

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